Other Decoration

Wedding Flowers - MALA & BOUQUETS

Bouquets & Mala can become part of your ceremony decorations, stretching your budget without compromising style!
We offer a variety of designs to match your wedding and your budget. There is a wide choice of style and color from Gerribra, White Daisy, Blue Daisy, Milky White, roses, orchids, gerberas, chrysanthemums, Asparagus and any other flowers in season during the summer as well as the option to upgrade to flowers such as lily and cymbidium orchid.

Wedding Car Décor
Wedding Car decoration is an important aspect for every wedding. It makes the celebration more lively. Since a wedding is a celebration of the start of your married life, you need to spice it up and make it a memorable experience. The wedding car becomes one of the most important things in your wedding day. A wedding car needs to be decorated in an amazing way.

Balloon Work - Balloon Arch
Balloon decorations are a great way to decorate for any type of event. We can ensure balloon decoration in different sizes, shapes and color combination. Our balloon decoration services can be availed for birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, wedding ceremony, reception venue and parties.
Balloons are not just for kids' birthday parties anymore! Balloons create a party atmosphere and encourage a sense of fun.. One of the most common balloon design structures is the arch.


Nadaswaram & Jugalbandi

The Nadaswaram is one of most important wind instruments of South India which forms an integral part of Kerala wedding and temple music.
Nadaswaram is reffered to as a Mangal Vadhya which means an auspicious instrument. The music played on the Nadaswaram has great volume and power.It is usually accompanied by a loud percussion instrument called Thavil. The other traditional accompanying instruments of Nadaswram include the Sur Petti and the Ottu.
Jugalbandi is also becoming a part of Kerala wedding ceremony. The jugalbandi in north-Indian classical music is a relatively new concept which has become the most fashionable thing in the world of Indian classical music. Jugalbandi can combine performances on sitar and sarod, flute and tabla etc.


Illumination & Sound - An Essential Ingredient

Lighting is the most important part of any event. To add more enjoyment to any function or the party lighting should be perfect. wedding lighting can truly set the entire tone of the event, and it should not be disregarded.
When an event is taking place at night, adequate lighting is must to provide perfect illumination on your dream day. Lighting at different places of the venue should be adequate to enlighten your function. Different corners of the venue should be well illuminated. Outside at the entry adequate lighting should be done so that the guests can easily enter the venue without any difficulty. You may put lighting over the trees also to provide designed lighting. The passage should be clear and well lighted so that your old guests can easily enter without any problem.
On occasions you may wish to supplement our services with a live performer such as a singer or band to play at your party. We are happy to provide lighting for these acts, even if you haven’t hired our disco. We have a full performance lighting rig available, including stage wash lights, spot lights and moving heads, alongside our more conventional party lighting, all hung from lighting bars and truss, if space and venue allows. We use computerised lighting software to create an impressive light show, either in advance or in real time, to enhance their performance

Sound has always been a key factor in an event and the best events are usually those where your audiences don’t notice the sound. Instead, it is there to reinforce what is going on, whether it’s a small, well tuned system at a conference to ensure those presenting can be heard clearly and seamlessly, or in a show where the music is instrumental in building excitement or mood to set the perfect atmosphere, getting the perfect sound set up is essential but not always easy. We understand those pressures and provide complete technical support, without the jargon, letting you run the event with the peace of mind our experienced crew are taking care of all the technical details, ensuring the event is supported with the perfect sound.

Cultural Programs
We arrange various programs including musical events, dance programs, magic shows and other programs for college, schools, offices, corporate and other allied areas.
We hold expertise in offering an outstanding Cultural Programs event management services. Our entire services are based on creative concepts and acclaimed for effectiveness and timely completion. Support of expert artists, musicians and event managers help us in fulfillment of exact demands of our customers.

Entrance Decoration
The entrance of a wedding hall is one of the first things guests will see when they walk in for a function. Impress your guests with special entrance decorations. A properly decorated entrance can set your function apart from the rest.

Welcome Arch
Greet your wedding guests with a decorative arch. This can be used both indoors and outdoors. The arch can be made of metal, plastic, flowers or balloon in the color of your choice

Give your wedding guests a grand entrance to walk down when arriving at your wedding ceremony or reception by creating a festive aisle indoors or outdoors. This can be a red carpet with flower pillars on either side. You can also scatter real or silk rose petals at your entrance